My eye data Hello, here you can see all available data about the right eye of Jaume. Left eye is blind. My congenital glaucoma is advancing and I need desesperately advice and and help.

If you are an specialist I'm inviting you to discuss my case. In this page you'll find all my clinical profile. If you need more information, please suggest more analysis.
Pictures of my right eye taken on April 18th, 2011. (made with slit lamp)

My glaucoma profile


  • year: 1968
  • gender: male
  • Left eye: vision lost
  • Right eye: vision acuity (2014) 6/18
  • Current treatment (since June 2016):
    • Cosopt (every 8h both eye)
    • Alfagan (every 8h both eye)
    • Lumigan 3% (every 24h [night] righteye)
    • Edemox (half pill every 12h)


Congenital glaucoma and has lost the vision from the left eye. The pressure of the right eye is rising. Vision acuity (in 2014) was 6/18.

The right eye is aphakic and previously hed retinal detachmentand the remaining silicone band has been dividedin this quadrant and is prominent underneath the conjunctiva nasally.

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